Our Services

Stakeholder Relationships

Stakeholder Mapping/Reputation Analysis

Maximize engagement with your most critical stakeholder groups.

We collect and analyze the opinions, perceptions, and expectations of customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to deepen relationships through your company’s social impact strategy.

Competitive Impact Analysis

Learn from the best-in-class in your industry and the most inspiring aspirational brands.

We rate your company and your competitors against best practice indicators and make recommendations on how your company can create a formidable CSR strategy.

CSR Strategic Planning

Define and scale an action plan for your CSR strategy that drives business growth.

Our Profit + Purpose Blueprint planning process brings together key company leaders to shape your social impact program in a way that leverages your core competencies and engages your most critical stakeholders.

Company Culture

Employee Engagement

Strengthen and spark your ever-changing workforce for deepened loyalty and engagement.

We bring together ambassador groups of employees (department leadership, employee resource groups) to contribute to the design of social impact initiatives. Resulting tactical plans use the strength of your existing resources to fire up company culture and impact.

Volunteer Partnerships

Ignite the spirit of your employees through effective volunteer partnerships.

We help you identify strong community partnerships to engage employees in skills-based, individual, and group volunteering, supporting your overall strategic vision in a measurable way.

Committee Planning

Leverage the expertise of your employees to embed your CSR strategy deeply throughout the organization.

Our team provides guidance and structure for employee committees charged with activating elements of your CSR strategy.

Brand Loyalty

Brand Citizenship

Incorporate your impact strategy into your marketing to create word of mouth among your stakeholders.

Our brand citizenship action planning will show you how to incorporate your CSR strategy into your branding/messaging so that stakeholders are more inspired by and connected to your brand.

Impact Reporting and Storytelling

Share the stories and impact of your work with community partners to engage your stakeholders.

We help formulate plans to share your impact outcomes and stories as part of your brand strategy.

Community Partnerships

Investment Planning

Focus your resources for effectiveness with a defined strategy for your philanthropic giving.

Our portfolio approach considers how your investments of money, time, talent, and products in communities can generate significant value for the company when selected with intention.

Impact Measurement

Ensure return on your community investments with defined goals and expected outcomes.

We help define focus areas for your giving and partnerships with associated goals and metrics.

Partnership Assessment

Extend your ability to make a measurable impact with strong community partner relationships.

We help you identify, assess, and create relationships with ideal partnerships to achieve your impact goals.