Grow beyond the bottom line.

Turn your corporate responsibility program into your greatest word-of-mouth tool.

Captivate customers and employees. Let them experience your brand as something greater.

Powering Profit Through Purpose

Are you taking full advantage of your company’s social responsibility program to engage your customers and employees?

When you invite your stakeholders to join your brand in making an impact, powerful things happen: Your greatest sources of value become your greatest champions.

Our practical action and implementation plans create social impact that inspires, energizes, and drives real results—breathing more life into your bottom line and energizing the stakeholders you serve.

The Results?

Loyal customers that boast about your brand


An electrified company culture


Industry leadership in social responsibility


Stronger business partnerships


How We Help

Join us on the journey to translate your social responsibility efforts into more loyal customers, happier employees, and stronger supply chains.

With our team as your guide, you can drive revenue and transform communities simultaneously.

For the executive level leadership team ready to create a more focused social responsibility strategy: Blueprint Strategic Planning Session

3-hour strategy session

For the employee engagement or site leader looking to include and motivate employees through the company’s social responsibility program: Spark Employee Engagement Session

2-hour “all-hands” workshop

For the business leader or social responsibility / community affairs manager looking to level-up their company’s social impact focus: Boost Power Session.

90-minute coaching call

For the leadership team that wants to emerge as the social responsibility leader in your industry: Benchmark Social Responsibility Competitive Assessment.

Analysis report

For groups of company leaders wanting an immersive experience with focused tools to take their company’s social responsibility program to the next frontier: Equip Social Responsibility Intensive.

Partial-day workshop

Success Stories

Click to read how our clients have turned their social responsibility programs into their greatest tools for brand loyalty and employee engagement.

Get to Know Us

We are fanatic about helping companies put the power of purpose to work for their business.

Authenticity – Passion – Attitude

Businesses can create innovative solutions for the world’s biggest challenges—and that drives our passion to deliver results. Every company is different—with distinct needs, personalities, and approaches. We strive to be authentic, joyful, and flexible.

Our clients are passionate leaders with a hearty appetite for sharing their companies’ successes in their operating communities. We help these leaders translate their efforts into more loyal customers, happier employees, and stronger supply chains. We are honored to be their guide.

Maggie Miller

Chief Troublemaker

Maggie helps companies find the intersection between profit and purpose through building and implementing corporate responsibility programs. For 23 years, Maggie has been an entrepreneur and leader in the social sector, including founding DiscoverHope, a sustainable international NGO providing microcredit loans for women. A former NCAA soccer player, Maggie lives for fútbol; when not working, you’ll find her at games somewhere in the world!

Hannah Nokes

Chief Optimist

Hannah dreams big and helps her clients do the same. A skilled strategist, she has 22 years of experience that includes leading corporate responsibility for global companies. Hannah speaks regularly about supercharging business growth through social impact. Hannah led the creation of an impact collaborative of corporations in Austin, Texas, and serves as an advisor to several nonprofits.

Want to put the power of purpose to work for your business?

We’re here to guide your quest for a purpose-powered strategy that resonates across the company and beyond. Reach out to start a dialogue. There’s no obligation, just opportunity.