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We are passionate about teaching companies to turn their social responsibility program into their greatest tool for engaging customers and employees.

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Here are some of our most popular topics:

Aligning Social Responsibility with Business Strategy 

Your Corporate Citizenship Blueprint: Maximizing Impact Through Your Company’s Superpowers

Measuring and Communicating Impact

Leading into the Future as a Social Impact Frontrunner

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Developing Your Company’s Purpose Mindset

Building Your Leadership Voice and Values

Activating Stakeholders Through Shared Value

Creating a Culture of Purpose

Engaging Stakeholders Through Social Impact

Building Customer Word-of-Mouth

Sparking Employee Engagement

Firing Up Your Millennial and Gen Z Workforce

Integrating Your Supply Chain into Corporate Responsibility

Leveraging Effective Community Partnerships 


At this year’s Culturati Summit, Magnify sparked a relevant discussion for company leaders about purpose as a critical business imperative and growth driver. Participants mapped out action plans to deepen relationships with their customers and employees as loyal champions for their brand. Through their engaging approach, our attendees were able to walk away with new inspiration and specific priorities for their companies’ social impact strategies.

– Eugene Sepulveda, Founder, Culturati