Employee Engagement Session

Strengthen your workforce through your company’s social impact strategy.

When companies enlist their employees to propel purpose and transform communities together – loyalty increases dramatically, productivity heightens, tenure lengthens, and positive word of mouth skyrockets.

Recent studies show that only 33% of the U.S. workforce is “fulfilled” and experience a sense of meaning in their work. Fulfilled employees drive productivity and loyalty and are correlated with a rise to senior level roles, net promoters of their organizations, remain longer, and build strong relationships with their colleagues.

The good news? You can strengthen the environment for employee fulfillment by engaging your employees in a powerful way: through your company’s social responsibility program.

The face of the workforce is changing.

In today’s connected and interdependent world, Millennial and Gen Z employees require constant digital communication, demand flexibility, require authenticity from marketing and brands, and insist that their employers take part in solving the world’s most pressing problems.

About Spark

We bring together ambassador groups of 30 – 100 employees (selected influencers, department leaders, employee resource groups) for a 2-hour fast-paced interactive workshop. Our goal is to solicit feedback from employees to drive engagement and set your company culture ablaze.

Together with your employees, we will:

Align and educate the team about your company’s purpose and a common vision for social impact. 

Identify specific ways to apply their personal interests and skills to making a deeper impact.

Invite them to become champions, improving participation across all teams and company sites.

Your Spark Action Plan

Following the session, we will deliver a Spark Action Plan, synthesizing feedback from employees with a set of actionable recommendations to improve employee engagement using existing resources.

Above all, we will deliver clarity for your company on what your employees want and how they will participate in making your social impact vision a reality.

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