Grow beyond the bottom line.

Let purpose power your business success.

This is the era of impact

Pioneering businesses now connect core capabilities with a higher organizational purpose to drive revenue growth, inspire stakeholders, achieve a competitive edge, and create lasting, lovable brands.

What We Do

We envision, develop, and realize corporate responsibility strategies for greater engagement and competitive advantage. Our solutions allow profit and purpose to empower one another.



Strengthening your brand reputation as a global citizen

Electrifying your company culture

Magnifying your customers’ loyalty

Engaging your operating communities and business partners

How We Work

Our practical action and implementation plans create social impact that inspires, energizes, and drives real results—breathing more life into both your bottom line and the stakeholders you serve.

Your company’s stakeholders are your ultimate source of value creation. We work with companies to create plans that deeply involve their most important stakeholders to result in long-term returns.


How We Help Our Clients

Stakeholder Relationships

Stakeholder Mapping
Competitive Analysis
Strategic Planning

Company Culture

Employee Engagement
Volunteer Partnerships
Committee Planning

Brand Loyalty

Brand Citizenship
Impact Reporting

Community Partnerships

Investment Planning
Impact Measurement
Partnership Assessment

Who We Work With

Read about how we’ve helped companies create real, actionable impact to build enduring relationships with stakeholders.

Get to Know Us

We are fanatic about helping companies put the power of purpose to work for their business.


We’re activating relationships with your stakeholder system, a super-charged circle of significance to your business and social impact programs. To inspire and advance those connections, everything they see as a result of our work must ring true.


We believe in the power to create positive change for business and for the world, so we take it seriously and work efficiently (even obsessively) to deliver the most profound results.


We strive to be approachable, joyful, and flexible. We’re sparked by the challenges of every company’s distinct needs, personalities, approaches — we work to achieve your business objectives while galvanizing people to reach their greatest potential.

Maggie Miller

Chief Troublemaker

Maggie helps companies find the intersection between profit and purpose through growth strategy and program development. For 23 years, Maggie has been an entrepreneur & leader in the social sector, including founding DiscoverHope, a sustainable international NGO providing microcredit loans for women. A former NCAA soccer player, Maggie lives for fútbol; when not working, you’ll find her at games somewhere in the world!

Hannah Nokes

Chief Optimist

Hannah dreams big and helps her clients do the same. A skilled strategist, she has 22 years of experience that includes leading global CSR for public companies. Hannah speaks regularly to corporate audiences about merging business growth and social impact. Hannah led the creation of a collaborative thinktank of major corporate employers in Austin, Texas, and serves as an advisor to several nonprofit organizations.

Want to put the power of purpose to work for your business?

We’re here to guide your quest for a purpose-powered strategy that resonates across the company and beyond. Reach out to start a dialogue. There’s no obligation, just opportunity.