Corporate Responsibility Power Session

Level-up your social responsibility program for stronger stakeholder relationships and more focused impact.

Your company’s social responsibility program is ripe with potential to create more targeted impact. With focused attention and expert guidance, you can take your company’s corporate citizenship to the next level. You’ll maximize customer loyalty, attract and retain employees, and fortify your supply chain.

Your Power Session

Your Power Session is a 90-minute call that helps to connect your business and social impact strategies for crystalized focus.

Prior to the call, we’ll assess your program, evaluating your public corporate responsibility image against our 5 Profit + Purpose best practice indicators below. During the discussion, we’ll provide recommendations with clear steps to build and expand your strategy.

Leadership Values and Voice

Effectively communicating core company purpose, values, and social impact vision.

Profit + Purpose Alignment

Leveraging core business strengths to fulfill social impact goals.

Employee Engagement

Offering robust employee programs to energize employees and attract talent.

Partnerships and Brand Citizenship

Facilitating successful community partnerships for increased brand awareness.

Stakeholder Activation

Deepening relationships with stakeholders (including customers, suppliers, and investors) through social impact.

Your Power Session concludes with an action plan to get key impact initiatives off the ground.

With our team as your ally, you’ll build the confidence you need to turn your social responsibility program into a powerful tool for engaging customers and employees.

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