Social Responsibility Competitive Assessment

Emerge as the corporate responsibility leader in your industry.

Take a bold leadership position in your industry by creating an effective and focused social responsibility strategy that directly supports your business goals. Strengthen and scale your existing program, creating a powerful tool for engaging your customers and employees.

About Benchmark

Through the Benchmark assessment, you will see how your company’s social responsibility program compares to that of your competitors, and/or brands you wish to emulate. You will discover opportunities to strengthen your impact program to become best-in-class. Your assessment will provide clear guidance on specific next steps to help make a measurable impact in the world AND drive value back to your business.

Your program will be scored with our 5 Profit + Purpose indicators:

Leadership Values and Voice

Effectively communicating core company purpose, values, and social impact vision.

Profit + Purpose Alignment

Leveraging core business strengths to fulfill social impact goals.

Employee Engagement

Offering robust employee programs to energize employees and attract talent.

Partnerships and Brand Citizenship

Facilitating successful community partnerships for increased brand awareness.

Stakeholder Activation

Deepening relationships with stakeholders (including customers, suppliers, and investors) through social impact.

Your Benchmark Report

The assessment report includes scoring and analysis for each of the 5 Profit + Purpose indicators for your company and your selected 3-5 competitors/aspirational brands. Additionally, your report will include customized recommendations on how your company can create a formidable social responsibility strategy with specific action steps.

Above all, you’ll have the information you need to propel your impact program to the next level, positioning your company as the top-tier global citizen in your industry.

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